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About Me

Region:England - London
Hair color:Red
Hair lengthLong
Eye color:Green
Shoe size:7

About me

Welcome to the profile of - yes, you got it - a very lustful Miss Lucy!

You know when they say “it is all in the mind”? Give me access to yours and tell me all about those fantasies that you can’t share with anyone, and in return I will let you peek into the limitless pit that is my own dirty imagination.

I am the Roleplay Queen: educated, intelligent and eloquent, capable of slipping into any character or role you wish to imagine me in.

In my personal life I am an impenitent nymphomaniac who also loves anal sex, rimming, ball-sucking, threesomes FMF or MFM, 69, gangbang, golden showers and the list goes on. I’m both an exhibitionist and a voyeur and virtually anything kinky turns me on. Messy is good!

As long as it is respectful I am happy to play at both ends of the spectrum: from doting, mature girlfriend all the way to filthy, perpetually horny MILF who just can’t get enough fill.

If you fancy a call but suddenly feel shy - don’t worry, I’m happy to take the lead and ensure you reach full satisfaction.
And if you fancy a quiet call in the middle of the night or in a public place, simply state "Quiet call" at the beginning of the chat.

Looking forward to sharing your fantasies!

My Gallery

Photo from  LUCY LUSTFUL
Photo from  LUCY LUSTFUL